ClubRare X NFT.NYC
Welcome Page for NFT.NYC conference. ClubRare is Gold Sponsor of NFT.NYC

What is ClubRare?

ClubRare is The World first NFT Marketplace for Physical items especially for the Limited & Rare Items

You can upload your limited or rare items into the platform.


Here are 3 Players who can earn benefits from our Platform
Collectors - With NFT, ClubRare removed the Friction of Item Trading
ClubRare uses non-fungible tokens to represent ownership of exclusive physical Items. You can trade the token without friction while the items remains vaulted.
Traders and Sellers - Trade Anytime to the Global Market
With ClubRare, You can easily connect with collectors and sellers over the world. "Trade Item first, Redeem it later", Which is Core Feature of ClubRare enable you to connect with Global collectors.
Validator - Be a "Validating Nodes" and Let's build the ecosystem together
ClubRare does not operate a centralized warehouses. Instead, ClubRare is building the De-centralized warehouse and doing a authentication with our partners called "Validating Nodes" and share profit of ecosystem together

Where is your Product?

We are preparing the initial launch in end of August
You can see our pre-sale auction on OpenSea. See our collections.

Do you have related Token?

Yes. AGOV is governance token of ClubRare. AGOV token is Klaytn( compatiable Token and listed on Klayswap (
AGOV is official partner of Klaytn which is Leading Blockchain Platform created by Leading Internet Giant -in South Korea, Kakao Group (70B Market cap and have 100 subsidaries in Asia)
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